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How to do cannabis marketing: Promote your GrowShop, Head Shop, or CBD Shop

Cannabis marketing

The CBD industry is experiencing a significant uptick in demand and consumption. A study estimates that the European cannabis market is expected to reach $36 million by 2027. With strong consumer demand, from medical to recreational adult use, the CBD market could grow by 29.6% within the same period.

As the industry shifts to a meteoric climb, CBD retailers are battling for pole position. All shops want to capture the attention of their public as quickly and efficiently as possible. For new players trying to penetrate the CBD market, it’s time to revamp marketing strategies. However, this needs to be done right to beat or match the competition and stay compliant with regulatory bodies.

Here are the DOs and DON’Ts of cannabis marketing for retailers.

The DOs of cannabis marketing

Marketing can be quite daunting and complicated when it comes to the cannabis industry. Here is what you need to do to penetrate the marketplace and reach the proper consumers.

1. Have a Solid Marketing Plan

Any CBD shop looking to cement its presence in the market should have a solid end-to-end marketing plan geared towards promoting repeat purchases. Your plan should encompass how you intend to reach your target audiences, engage them, and eventually retain loyal customers for a long period.

It will help if you explore all marketing channels that map your brand message to the right target audience. While most optimum strategies work for a majority of CBD shops, don’t blindly follow what your competitor is doing. Instead, find a unique and original touchpoint in your business and focus on that.

2. Familiarize yourself with the legal landscape

The CBD sector is one of the most regulated industries in the world. The laws applicable to marketing and sales are dynamic, particularly when it comes to brand/product connections with consumers on social media. A slight change in these laws means that your marketing strategies on social media need to change too. The last thing you want to do is infringe these regulations, as your business can be shut down indefinitely.

To ensure you don’t fall behind in these regulations, subscribe to cannabis legal newsletters. Follow the politics of your region closely because most states pass these laws through elections and referendums. Alternatively, get a compliance officer to optimize your cannabis marketing strategies so they are within the applicable laws.

3. Get quality leads

Any marketing strategy’s goal, industry notwithstanding, is to capture and maintain quality leads. Although there are various strategies for capturing leads, some ways work better than others when it comes to funneling leads to buying customers.

For instance, content marketing has better conversion rates, up to six times higher compared to other strategies. Moreover, it costs 62% less than traditional advertising. These statistics suggest you shouldn’t downplay content marketing. Ways of reaching and targeting your customers through content marketing include blogging, social media posting, and video posting.

The DON’Ts of Cannabis Marketing

Now that you know what is acceptable and should be done in cannabis marketing, here is what you should avoid at all costs.

1. Don’t lie about your products

Although this seems quite obvious, some unscrupulous players go to the extent of lying about the quality or potential benefits of their products to win more customers. While this might give you irrelevant traffic, the strategy will eventually crumble because it doesn’t add any value to the target audience. Moreover, hiding behind pseudoscience only hurts your brand and image. Whatever you do to win customers, never lie!

2. Don’t wander into restricted marketing channels

Technically, CBD products remain regulated substances in most countries in Europe. For this reason, not all marketing channels will be ready to convey your cannabis brand message. For instance, Facebook prohibits marketing CBD products on its platform. Users might also be blocked from searching and browsing cannabis-related content. Always consider your marketing channel options tactically before rolling out campaigns. But you can always create organic content on those platforms. The key point here is how to catch the attention of the people and how to be shared.

3. Don’t follow the crowd blindly

As noted earlier, one strategy succeeding in one company doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be effective in yours. As the competition tightens up in the industry, it will help if you redefine your products and cannabis marketing strategies to stand out from the fray. For instance, what makes your products ideal for amateurs? How different is your customer service? The everyday consumer wants to know this and much more.

You can still get ahead of the game

The cannabis sector is still a budding industry. Despite various challenges complicating cannabis marketing, such as regulatory compliance, channel restriction, and stigma, you can still circumvent the obstacles and get your product to loyal consumers. Keep this guide in mind every time you design a marketing strategy and the rest shall fall into place.

How to find a good supplier for your cannabis business

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Product quality

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Reputation and reliability

  • References and Reviews: We have a stellar reputation in the industry, supported by numerous positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • Customer Service: Our commitment to excellent customer service ensures that your needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Compliance and transparency

  • Certifications: We comply with all relevant regulations and have the necessary certifications to prove it.
  • Transparency in Manufacturing: We are open about our manufacturing processes and the sources of our materials, ensuring you can trust the quality of our products.


Effective cannabis marketing requires a strategic approach, compliance with regulations, and a focus on quality content and lead generation. By following the DOs and avoiding the DON’Ts of cannabis marketing, you can successfully promote your growshop, head shop, or CBD shop. Additionally, choosing a reliable supplier for smoking accessories, such as us, will ensure you provide the best products to your customers, helping you stand out in a competitive market.

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