Shire Pipes - Gandalf - 32cm
Shire Pipes - Gandalf - 32cm
Shire Pipes - Gandalf - 32cm
Shire Pipes - Gandalf - 32cm

Shire Pipes - Gandalf - 32cm

  • Length: 32cm
  • Cherry wood
  • Churchwarden style pipe
  • Poking/tamping tool, bowl screens and pipe cleaners included
  • Special The Lord of the Rings collector's edition gift box packaging

Truly a hidden hero of The Lord of the Rings series, Gandalf the Grey plants the seeds of success for the Fellowship throughout their journeys. Gandalf is instrumental in the destruction of Sauron, and though he is constantly tempted by the forces of darkness, he never loses sight of the true power of light and love. A friend of all, from lordly Elves to humble Hobbits, the great Wizard seeks a day when all people – Man, Elf, Hobbit, and Dwarf – can sit together in peace and share a good pipe.

The Gandalf Pipe has a singular design with a long, curved stem. This churchwarden style hand pipe is made from quality cherry wood and features Gandalf’s rune engraved on the bowl. Enjoy this pipe with a good book or while catching up with old friends.

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