JILTER Filters Bulk - Bio Bag of 1000


  • Bag of 1000pcs
  • Bio bag 100% compostable
  • Slide the filter tip inside and it's ready!

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Jilter® filters were developed to reduce tar, nicotine and other harmful cancer-causing agents. It maintains cleaner and brighter teeth and prevents tobacco particles from entering your mouth. Using it means increasing your pleasure. Because of the reduced intake of nicotine and tar, there is a sufficient increase of enjoyment, a cleaner, smoother and flavour enhancing smoke. Jilter® filters were designed to be quick, easy and convenient. Using it will compliment your method of rolling a smoke.

Jilter® filters are manufactured with regular paper (wrapping material) and cellulose fibres (filter material). The manufacturing takes place with a health-conscious production process. The product produces a high tar and nicotine retention. It was developed to ensure that it has a minimal effect on the desired active substances (reduction is less than 1% in the smoke).