Clipper Classic - 420 Movies -...
Clipper Classic - 420 Movies -...
Clipper Classic - 420 Movies -...
Clipper Classic - 420 Movies -...

Clipper Classic - 420 Movies - Display of 48

  • Clipper Classic
  • Display of 48
  • Maximum purchase: 5 displays per customer

Do you want to personalise your own Clippers?


Clipper is synonymous with reliability and this model is no exception. The first Clipper lighter was made in 1971, and now the worldwide level of production is around 450 million units a year. One of the features in Clipper lighters that makes it original, is the removable flint system which encourages to roll you own cigarettes.

7,4 x 1,6cm (Clipper Classic).

Iconic shape
Designed in Barcelona since 1971.

The reusable lighter
World's number 1 truly refillable lighter - gas & flint. 3000 lights per refill.

Unique packing tool

Leading manufacturer since 1959

Nylon: one of the safests plastics
Flexible, resistant, uncrackable and self-extinguishable

Isobutane: one of the safests gases
Lower Pressure, Odorless.

Flame Fix: the safest flame
Pre-set Flame Valve. Highly safe fixed flame valve: stable flame, maximum 30mm, throughout the life of the lighter.

Wholesale distribution of a wide variety of Clipper lighters, pioneer in the lighter market production, gas refill and lighter accessories since 1959. Wholesale distribution of Clipper lighters for your business.

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