Terpenes Sweet Tooth 1 ml


Terpenes Sweet Tooth 1 ml

  • Combinations of 100% pure and natural terpenes, without additives and without cannabinoids (T.H.C, C.B.D, C.B.N, C.B.G...)
  • Certificate "Kosher", certificate "Halal". Cali Terpenes comply with European vaporization regulations.
  • All our raw materials are authorized for food use.
  • They bring flavour and aroma to all kinds of oils, herbal extracts and resins.

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Terpenes are mainly the essential oils of many plants, flowers and fruits such as lavender, lemon, pine or cannabis and are responsible for the aroma and flavour of these. In addition, they all have medicinal properties and act as natural diluent of extracts, oils or resins.

Our terpene profiles of specific varieties of cannabis are made from complete profiles of cannabis terpene extractions, with premium raw material, using 100% legal plants in which the concentration of terpenes are higher than in cannabis. The result is a terpene profile identical to that of cannabis terpene extraction, being also cleaner, pure and finally more economical.

We can say then, that our product has more or equal quality than a terpene extraction of cannabis of the highest quality, with a cost and a much lower selling price.

Extracted by processes 100% natural and ecological, without solvents and without heavy metals. Made from raw material of first quality, from 100% organic and free of polluting agents. Terpenes suitable for aromatherapy. Add flavour and aroma of specific varieties of cannabis to all types of liquid bases (e-liquids) to enjoy the authentic taste of your favourite cannabis varieties without the effect of cannabinoids. They dissolve herbal extracts, oils and resins to vaporize in the known ones like "Oil Pens", "Vape Pens" or "Dab Pens".

 What are you waiting for? Choose your favourite variety and try it!