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Pulsar APX Wax V3 - Concentrate Vape...

Pulsar APX Wax V3 - Concentrate Vape - Wood Grain

  • APX Wax V3 1100mAh battery
  • Triple quartz coil atomizer
  • Silicone dab container - 32mm
  • USB-C charger cable
  • Dab tool

Vaporiser for wax/concentrate

Welcome to 5-second dabs!

Get ready to make big clouds with the APX Wax V3 Vaporiser. At 9cm tall, the portable size packs a big punch with a powerful 1100mAh battery and triple quartz atomiser. Enjoy the best possible taste from your concentrates with a pure quartz lined chamber.

V3 Features:

The new V3 Wax features an enhanced LED display, a 2-click hands-free Power Mode and updated USB-C fast charging. The enhanced LED display is larger than the V2 and shows the battery level with a color changing APX logo. The hands-free mode keeps you from having to engage the power button while it heats up and during your sesh.

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