Vaporizer 350 Digital - Black


Vaporizer 350 Digital

  • Colour: Black
  • Digital timmer
  • LCD display
  • Compact herbal vaporizer
  • Grade to grade temperature selection
  • Material: Ceramic heater 
  • Glass capsule and ceramic filter
  • Recommended temperature range for vaporizing: 185 °C - 210 °C

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The new Fuzion cannabis vaporizer -  VP350 - is more compact and has been created with a more modern design. It has LCD display, digital timer and grade to grade  temperature selection buttons, plus glass and silicone conduits for a good flavor.

This small device comes in a silver plastic case that contains the display and all the controls with the circuitry. Above it, in a resistant plastic frame, we find the heating element encapsulated in a glass cover with a ceramic filter at the end, which prevents particles from entering inside while allowing the airflow.

We will insert the Fuzion glass bowl with the included grid into this joint, connected to the silicone inhalation tube with glass mouthpiece, previously filled with grinded marijuana. Once the system is assembled, we can turn on the vaporizer by pressing the round power button.

Then, press the Ti/TE (Mode) button once, selecting the operating time with the +/- buttons and setting it with the SET (Enter) button. If you click Ti/TE (Mode) twice you can select the temperature in the same way.

Once everything is ready, it will begin to warm up and the timer will start to operate until the time finishes, when it will turn off again.