Bongs made of soft glass.

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    Starfish WP 

    • Colours: assorted colours
    • Material: high quality soft glass
    • Unique design
    • White silicone grommet
    • Carbhole with silicone ring
    • Height 135mm
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  • Out of stock

    Skull WP 315mm

    • Colours: assorted colours
    • Material: acrylic
    • Metal downtube and bowl
    • Rubber grommet
    • Height 315mm
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  • THCleaner - Advanced cleansing formula.

    • Easy to use
    • Reusable
    • Ecological and biodegradable ingredients

    THCleaner is the latest and greatest cleaning formula for almost all headshop gear and vaporizer parts. Its advanced formula allows you to effortlessly clean materials such as glass, metal and acrylics. 

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